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   Na'Kesha Johnson better known as the #SerialHustlerpreneur, is a Jane of all trades. She's a Network Marketing Beast, Direct Sales Guru, 9X Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Mentor and Visionary Coach from Brooklyn, New York. Na'Kesha has one son whom she loves with every fiber of her being, and prides herself as being a leader and role model to her younger cousins, as well as the youth in her neighborhood. She has old school family values when it comes to parenting, and firmly believes it takes a village to raise a child. Na'Kesha has always been very passionate about helping others in need and giving back to the Community. 

  Na'Kesha is an all around go-getter born with a hustler's spirit and has always found a way to MAKE and FLIP money! Now she's using her talents and gifts to help others make a substantial amount of money, by leveraging the internet and having multiple sources of income. Working with Na'kesha will have you spending more time with your children and family, falling in love with life, as well as gaining more time, travel and financial freedom.

  Na'Kesha is far from perfect, however she's a lover and strong believer of GOD, and credits all her success to Him. Na'Kesha came from humble beginnings and her life is based on a true story. Because of her faith, resilience, tenacious spirit and the power of prayer.. she lives to tell it.

  Aside from juggling her multiple hustles, Na'Kesha also wears many hats in her personal life. She is a team leader for GirlTrek, a national health movement that activates thousands of Black women to be change makers in their lives and communities.. through walking. She is the CEO and founder of  V.O.G.U.E Visionaries, a Women's Empowerment Network that encourages one another, offers support and accountability, positive reinforcement, as well as celebrate each other's success. Lastly, Na'Kesha is a full time daughter to her beautiful mother. She prides herself in catering to her mom by waiting on her hand and foot, and making sure she never wants for nothing.

About Na'Kesha: Inner_about
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