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KN95 Self Suction Filter Respirator (10 pack)

KN95 Self Suction Filter Respirator (10 pack)

$25.00 Regular Price
$12.50Sale Price

Tightfit, anti-pollution,adjustable nose clip, suitable for different face types

  • Anti-bacteria
  • Anti-dust
  • Anti-fog

Product Performance Structure and Composition:

  • This product is made of mask body nose clip and mask band
  • Polypropylene (PP) non-woven fabric on the top/bottom
  • Layer 2/3 is polypropylene (PP) melt-blown fabric
  • The third 3/4 layer is polypropylene (PP) hot air cotton


Item Packaging: 10 PCS/Bag


  • Open the protective mask and cover the nose and mouth so that the nose clip is on the brige of the nose
  • Pull the ear cord with both hands and hang the ear cord behind the ears on both sides
  • Pull the chin and the edge of the forehead of the protetive mask with both hands, and make sure that the mask fits tightl on the face
  • Press the tip of the two fingers from the midpoint of the bridge of the nose to the sides to make the nose clamp fit tightly with the bridge of the nose and face
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